Tuesday, December 4, 2007


"Kopi" is coffee, while "roti" is bread, therefore kopiroti is a about bread and coffee... Kopiroti is a coffee shop that originated in Singapore, not quite new here in Manila, but but but there is a newly open branch in The Columns... Yipppeee! Another food place selection for us.

Anyway the branch in the columns is not really flashy but it is tidy and a bit cozy. Among its specialties is their freshly baked kopi bun which smelled really good, it is cut into 4 equal parts when served, crusty on the outside while soft with just right amount of butter filling on the inside. It is best paired with Kopi C (with condense milk) or Kopi O (black cofi) or tea C or Tea O perhaps.

Me? I paired my buns with two soft boiled eggs with a soya sauce... Personally I like their egg preparation, since I normally put soy sauce on my eggs; It is best paired with roti toast according to the menu. But the egg itself is good enough for me.

Price is not costly, a cup of coffee or tea would cost around P45 and a kopi bun is only P35. The menu items is just few and as the name suggest mostly bread and coffee...

I am not sure how else to describe the taste other than saying that you just have to go find out for yourself. Beside there are several branches here in Metro.

Ground floor, The Columns
Ayala corner Buendia, Makati City.


Ruy said...

My wife adores their soft boiled eggs.

ALiNe said...

Soft boiled eggs are really love... parang poached na hinde ..haha

Ramon Jose said...

haven't been to any kopiroti place yet. will definitely try it since the prices are fairly reasonable (compared to other coffee houses). thanks for the tip.

ALiNe said...

Monaco- Anytime ;-) go go try

i♥pinkc00kies said...

Mmmmmm... kopi bun!!

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