Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas pix

This is my 2007 Christmas day pix...

Sorry been posting a lot of pix lately... My mind is taking time to process... Don't really want to think much because I've been so tired for the past 1.5 months.... Super hectic workload; But the good news is... I'm taking a few days off and my boss agrees to let me have it, with this note: “Have fun and recharge your mind for the next 2 months are going to be crazy." Uhhmm, well I bet he meant was crazier... hmmm maybe we (our team) should seriously consider getting one conference room and transform it to Safeway's Lawson dev team dorm...haha! Kidding aside I really love my job even though it is consuming my time... yet I know I seriously need a time off from work , for I am stressed and ranting a lot.. really!

Looking forward to 2008…. Weeee!

That's All!


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