Friday, December 21, 2007

Crazier than usual

The past month has been a bit overwhelming for me, for work load though. The days have been really crazier than usual; I haven’t really got into serious shopping for Christmas since I’ve been working and working and working even on weekends. And right now I've been awake and been working for 18 hours now....

I should have done an blog entry for a very dear friends who will be missed because he left us for money and he hasn't even got the nerve for his last blood ( ehemm.. Mic yoohoo!). hope you'll enjoy your bag of golds...Hmpf! Kidding aside, I will definitely miss my Kuya Mikeee, goody goody best beans... but I hope you stay cool as always... alwayssssssss

And to our a dear friend Christie who is now on her last day working for safeway ... hope you stay happy and enjoy you bag of golds as well... I hate you for going too soon but I will always love you... keep in touch gurl, I will miss you :(

Anyway, anyway, anyway.... Enough for the drama!

Finally, I was able to get my long overdue hair chopped @ Piandre last Tues. – Stress reliever? You can call it that ….

That's All!


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