Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wine Tasting @ Foley Estates Winery

We had our wine tasting at Foley estate vineyard and winery in Santa Ynez Valley and paid $10 for 5-6 glasses of wines, that include chardonnay(2-3),a dry rose and Pinot noir (2).

Wine is said to be an acquired taste - The more you taste and understand the more you'll get to appreciate it. Well, I can't seem to understand its subtle complexities just yet, but I overheard from those other group of wine drinker that Foley's pinot noir was the best.

I think Wine tasting procedure is almost the same as coffee tasting procedure.
1.) Tilt from side to side- This so you can see its appearance.
2.) Sniff/Smell - to evaluating the aroma
3.) Sip - Gently roll around inside your mouth
4.) Spit/Enjoy

I might not appreciate alcoholic drink that much, wine on this instance but Foley surely has a modern and spacious tasting room and a beautiful vineyard scenery.

That's All!

Foley Estate Vineyard and winery

6121 E Highway 246
Lompoc, CA 93436. USA
1 (805) 737-6222
Open from 10Am-5PM


Oman said...

i love wine although ang epkto nyan ay nakakahilo but nevertheless sarap kasi yan in combination with fish or meat meals. fun shots aline.

sheng said...

oh, i really have not much experience with wines, i like to taste but not really drink. I wish i could try that chardonnay though.

witsandnuts said...

I drink selected wine lang. Para ngang same yung procedure nya sa coffee tasting (I had the formal one while dining in Starbucks).

Marvin Gaerlan said...

it looks like you really enjoyed the wine tasting. obvious sa 3rd pic. Hehe!

escape said...

who would not want such activity. but let it be done late afternoon. hehehe...

Lizz said...

I've never really developed much of a taste for wine, but it looks like you had a lot of fun! :D

Abaniko said...

I remember doing the same thing in Napa Valley in 2002. But here in Pinas, since wine is more expensive, we settle for beer na lang and peanuts for pulutan. Hehe.

Roly said...

I miss Napa :(

I love Pinot Noirs, next is Viognier.

carlotta1924 said...

was still underaged when i last visited some napa valley vineyards so i wasn't really allowed to taste. di na bale, i will be able taste all the wine i can the next time i go to napa hahaha. but of course, by this time i've already tasted lots thanks to bar management way back in college lol

jeanny said...

owww may procedure pa pla I didnt know that. I just sip it to the last drop hahaha!!!!

Happy weekend Aline!

dyosa said...

Panalo yung last photo mo. Epekto ba yun ng wine? Haha!

kg said...

i've also never gotten the hang of drinking wine. i drink that only in special occasions, at super minsan pa yun! he! HE!

ALiNe said...

@lawstude- Thanks! pero minsan nakakantok ang wine.... Zzzzzzz

@Sheng- ako din not fanatic ng wine or any alcoholic drink... I was really drunk from Chardonnay last new year.

@Witsandnuts- yung mamahalin lang ba? heehee!

@Pansitlove- Haha! napapaitan ako sa 3rd pix kaya ganun itsura ko...lol

@the dong- Alcoholic ka noh? heehee!

@Lizz- it was an experience :)

@Abaniko- You should join wine tasting event here in Pinas... medyo mahal pero the thing is my food ng kasama and minsan buffet pa.

@Roly- go back to Napa... Go go go! vacay!

@Carlotta- Naku, Napa should be ready for you now.. heehee!

@jeanny- uu may procedure daw... ako sip and lunok lang ... haha!

@Dyosa- Most probably.. hahah! kakahilo wine..tsk!

@kg- me too.. juice juice lang :P

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