Friday, November 13, 2009

Canton Soup Kitchen

This is an overdue post...

We were looking a food places to eat in Banawe area and decided to drive around, until I saw Canton soup kitchen; as a soup lover, the name soup kitchen catches my eye.

The place itself is not so big but the interior is cute, it has an oriental feel.

At first I thought that this restaurant is like those of "soup kitchen" style which only offer soup and appetizer for eats but nope it is not.
lurke... They have all day promo for dimsum. P43.00 why not?
here's our dimsum order....
Sea food fried noodles...
Fish fillet with tausi...
And our free complimentary dessert, almond jelly.
Well, portions are generous and prices are economical. Ehmmm... I remember keeping the receipt so I can blog the exact prices, but I might have lost it :( churi.

Price range is around P100-P300/meal except for the dimsums which is P43.00.

...Chinese food cravings will surely be satisfied here :)

Canton Soup Kitchen

Unit-C 847
Banawe corner Linao Street,
Quezon City. Manila, Philippines
(632) 743-5249

That's All!


Marvin Gaerlan said...

winner ang crispy noodles nila diyan! believe me! the name does not lie! hahaha!

witsandnuts said...

I have food related drafts and I can't finalize them because I misplaced some receipts. Haha.

Hey, lovely new header!

princess_dyanie said...

bakit parang iba yung almond jelly?

jeanny said...

Im a pancit lover din. Food looks good. Now I know a place to eat pag naligaw sa banaw :)

Happy Weekend!

Calv said...

typical chinese resto? mmmm spinach soup ba yun? fave ko yun na soup sa chinese restos. yung almond jelly parang hard boild egg. hehehe.

kg said...

grabe! i'm suddenly craving for chinese food!

ALiNe said...

@AngPansitlove= Yup matsalap

@Wirandnuts- haha! Me too, nakikita ko nalang yung pictures minsan :P

@Princess Dyanie- hahah! oo hindi ata nihiwa e :)

@jeanny- You should try their pansit :)

@Calvin- Yup typical chinese resto pero meron sila dun mga herbs soup... Sibut, etc. kaya ok. Nagulat din ako sa almond jelly, tinanong ko anong claseng egg yun... heehee!

@Kg- go have some... lol!

Oman said...

aw. gusto ko yan. pupunta ko jan. serious? 43 lang dimsum all u can eat?

ALiNe said...

@lawstude- oo serious yan... tinalo ang P45 ng causeway ... heehee! Go Go!

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