Saturday, November 7, 2009

Starbucks red cups and 2010 planner

I know I'm a bit late but the Starbucks red cups are back (started last Nov 4, 2009) - this means time for Starbucks Christmas tradition for 2009 - The goal is to accumulate 17 stickers( 9 stickers for holiday featured beverages) to redeem a limited edition starbucks coffee 2010 planner.

Like last year, there are 3 design to choose from( see pix lower right), honestly I think the planner is just simple but WTH, it's free when you complete the stickers, right? right? plus
every redemption comes with a donation to the continuous relief efforts for the Typhoon Ondoy victims and to SparkHope( Starbucks flagship program for early childhood care and development in partnership with UNICEF).

PS: Sorry for the not so good quality picture.
This years Holiday beverages:
Toffee Nut Latte (WOOOHOO!), Dark Cherry Mocha and Peppermint Mocha.

... Soon it will be Christmas DAY.

Click here for last year Starbucks red cup

That's All!


calvin said...

mmmmm. parang gusto ko bigla ng peppermint mocha ah.

Marvin Gaerlan said...


escape said...

i like the roasting cover planner. i already started collecting.

princess_dyanie said...

ako lang ata ang hindi nag co collect ng starbucks planner haha! btw, looove your new header! :)

Rico said...

Tempting nga to collect this planner but I dared not to because I end up not using it after a month or two. We usually give our stickers to whoever is beside us while paying at the counter :)

jeanny said...

peppermint mocha....the best!

feels like Christmas na talga!!!

carlotta1924 said...

dark cherry mocha sounds yummmmmmyyyyy... :)

never had the patience to collect the stickers but had the opportunity to own one in 2007 coz my bro didn't use his wahahaha

ALiNe said...

@calvin- Tofee nut pa din ako .. heehee!

@Angpansitlove- Yeaaabaaa!!

@Thedong- I have 3 stickers na, we'll see if I'll have one of those :P

@Dyanie- Salamuch Dyanie, di din naman ako nagocollect ngayon pero pag nakabuo... why not chocnut... heheeh!

@Rico- Madami ako kilalang ganyan, yung iba di naman nagamit ever at least naka 2 months ka... lol!

@Jeanny- TOFFEE TOFFEE TOFFEE...hahaa!

@Carlotta- Dark cherry mocha is just ok, parang weird ng onti :D

R said...

9 stickers to go!!! =P

kg said...

i drool over the christmas mugs of starbucks! super ganda! feels so christmasy! :)

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