Monday, August 10, 2009

Mr. Kurosawa

About 2-3 weeks ago, Tere, Roly and I meet up with Tri at Eastwood. We were supposed to watch sneak preview of "The Proposal” but the traffic from Makati to Libis was crazy and we ended up having dinner at the new Eastwood mall. There were several restaurants to choose from but dined at Mr. Kurosawa.

Mr. Kurosawa offers Euro-Japanese cuisine and the latest addition to Sumo Sam chain of establishments. Interior/style is a combination that of John and Yoko and Marciano.
I just ♥ theitr ceiling artwork...

Just like John and Yoko, they have extensive menu... Steak, pizza, pasta, sushi,salad and more; He're the 1st page of their Menu:

Eastwood Sashimi. P288.00 - Sashimi platter with a twist. Tuna topped with Jalapeno, Salmon and raw squid with gravy like sauce in the middle, were served fresh, although we didnt finish the squid.

Beef Teppan.P358. - I have to rave on this, their beef teppan was so tender and juicy, one of the best I chunks I had in years.

Japanese Fried rice.P178 - It comes in big size , prolly good for 4, nothing really special about it.
Ebi Tempura. P368- 5 pieces regular size Tempura, served hot.

Dynamite roll. P178. Spicy maki rolls topped with salmon and fish skin and some spice.
Crunchy Tuna Roll. P189. Tuna sushi topped with Tuna bits and tempura flakes cruncher.

I liked my dining experience at Mr. Kurosawa, although I think it's John and Yoko of the North.

That's all!

Mr. Kurosawa
G/F Eastwood Mall,
Eastwood City Cyberpark, Libis


Calv said...

Mmmmm... that beef teppan sure looked delicious. parang bihira lang na almost the same price ng beef teppan and tempura ah.

witsandnuts said...

Hmmm, nice place! Parang maganda yung lighting. I wonder if it's spacious. Ang ganda ng ceiling!

Fine Life Folk said...

Hmmm... Euro-Japanese? That's new to me. I have got to try that. Thanks for the wonderful images so I'll know what to look for when I come-a-hunting there.

ALiNe said...

@Calvin- super yummylicious beef tepan nila .. try mo.. taga north ka ba?

@witsandnuts- Nice noh :) It is spacious naman :)

@Fine Life Folk- Try it.. yumyum

Dennis Villegas said...

wow those really look yummy! i'm not a big fan of japanese food but your vivid photos make me crave for them ;)

princess_dyanie said...

waaah ang layo ng eastwood! :P

mye said...

looks yummy! basta ayaw ko ng hilaw! wahahah!

BrailledSkin said...

Sarap nga dito, gusto ko balikan!

Keith said...

Aline, how is it all your memoirs are about food? I love the latest inbstallment. Delightful. Keerp sharing

atto aryo said...

cool place! and the food looks truly oishii!

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ikyachuck said...

Try the Monte Carlo sushi! We loved it!

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