Friday, April 24, 2009


Last year I was introduced to a black rock named tektites. Well, honestly I don't have any interest on rocks but somehow found tektite quite interesting - maybe the fact that it came from asteroid amazes me, or was it the fact that it's expensive piece of black rock... haha!

Got it from Aubrey Whymark's tektite site -the biggest tektite fan/collector

Tektites are natural glass objects primarily composed of silica. Tektites found on Earth are formed by large asteroidal or cometary impact with the Earth. Energy from the impact melts terrestrial rock and ejects it into the upper reaches of the atmosphere. A few minutes later tektites rain down. The final morphologies are largely dependent on the distance from the source crater and the degree of terrestrial weathering/etching - source

He buys/collects tektites and might sell(right Tere?) some if/when interested.

To learn more about tektites, please visit

That's all!


Anonymous said...

so meron ka na ba nito alienski? patingin! - belski

escape said...

i rarely collect stones. the last one was the one i took in pinatubo. it's a stone with crystals but i think ill definitely like these ones.

Bart Tolina said...

pls visit my blog

ALiNe said...

@Belski- Yuh, meron akong 2 maliliit na bato ...heheh! next time pakita ko.

@The dong- Talaga? mahilig ka din pala sa bato.. heehee!

@Bart- Chure :D

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