Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mt. Pinatubo trek

Mt. Pinatubo brought a tragic past when it erupted June of 1991, it was recorded the 2nd largest volcanic eruption of the twentieth century. Now, it is becoming one of the "must see" destinations in our country (Philippines).

We traveled all the way to PDC (Pinatubo Development Corporation) Spa Town in Sta. Juliana Capaz Tarlac to start our Pinatubo adventure. The package costs P1,500 each, which include 4x4 sky way ride, a local tour guide, a Filipino/Korean lunch(when you get back to PDC)and a shower bath (No hot water).

The 4X4 ride was bumpy and dusty, but the scenery is simply exquisite. The trace of eruption is still visible but it seemingly slowly recovering from catastrophic past.

After an hour 4x4 ride and we finally arrived at its jump-off. We were surprised by the numbers of cars parked there… This is where the trekking begins….
It took us almost 30 minutes to hike the trail before we reach the top of the ridge. Note that we have lots of picture stop along the way.
The crater view on top of the ridge was magnificent.

The lake offers sulfuric blue green water; Is icy cold and soothing retreat for both locals and tourists especially these summer season. Of course, we swam in the crater - note that it can make your hair very dry and can stain your clothes since water contains sulfur.

Here’s the hardest part of the trek - hiking hungry during lunch time. We thought that packed lunch is included in the tour but they serve it after the trek. So note: MUST bring food and water, NO stores on top.

Going down… we decided to stop by Aetas village before heading back to town.

After having our lunch (almost dinner), we decided to try their “Pina-thai-tsu” - a unique combination of a traditional Thai massage with that of a Shiatsu massage and a few local massage techniques. For P500 the massage would last 1.5 hours not bad isn’t it? They also offer mud bath for P500 and volcanic ash spa treatment for P500.

Another note: No mobile signal while trekking ....

Mt. Pinatubo is no doubt a natural wonder, it brought a violent past, but its beauty now is seriously dazzling yet it could possibly lead to earth-shattering future… Life is unpredictable yet so beautiful :)

That’s all!

Pinatubo Spa Town
Mobile +63 928 3410402
Landline +63 45 4930031


princess_dyanie said...

weeee! na excite na rin ako sa mt pinatubo trek namin. btw, 30mins lang ang trek nyo? samin, nakalagay sa package na estimated trek ay 2 hrs pero via skyway and may 4x4 ride din.

ALiNe said...

@Dyanie- Bago lang yung route na yun... lahat ata yun na yung stop ng 4x4 . Mas maiksi nalang yung trek 15-30 mins nalang now :)

marlon said...

ayan, nakita ko na ang post!

1. what time kayo umalis ng manila, and what time kayo nakarating ng capaz, tarlac?

2. anong sinakyan nyo from manila to tarlac?

3. what time natapos ang entire tour, from 4x4 to end ng spa treatment?

4. bumalik ba kayo ng manila after ng tour, or nag-overnight kayo sa tarlac?

5. if yes to #4, saan kayo nag-stay?

o diba, andaming tanong?! hehe

ALiNe said...


1. what time kayo umalis ng manila, and what time kayo nakarating ng capaz, tarlac?

Umalis kami ng Makati -5AM na tas nag stop over pa kami sa NLex tas naligaw pa.. so almost 9:45 na kami dumating. Usually dapat ata 6-7AM start nung trek.

2. anong sinakyan nyo from manila to tarlac?
Nagdala ng sasakyan yung kasama namin

3. what time natapos ang entire tour, from 4x4 to end ng spa treatment?
Since almost 10:30 na kami nag trek, nakababa kami around 4 na tas kumain pa kami pag baba then naligo and then nagpamasahe, so almost 7 na ata kami nakaalis dun sa lugar, ang bagal kasi namin kumilos e

4. bumalik ba kayo ng manila after ng tour, or nag-overnight kayo sa tarlac?
Nag overnyt kami sa Subic... hehe!

5. if yes to #4, saan kayo nag-stay?
Subic international hotel ata name nun. pwede din kayo magovernyt sa may Dau ,madami din hotel :)

Calv said...

nagkita ba kayo nila bley? hehehe. yan din post nya eh although sa kanila sa crater sila kumain. since maraming naka-park. hindi ba kayo nagkakakitaan?

ALiNe said...

@Calvin- Hindi nga e... Lagi kami nagkakasalisihan nun no BLey e... hehe!

atto aryo said...

wow! at talagang me photo op pa with the Aetas. Nice! I really hope i could visit this place one day.

Oliboy's Adventures said...

punta kami sa may 10! can't wait! :)

iteagirl said...

Wow! Gusto ko rin pumunta sa Mt. Pinatubo!:D Where did you find the package tour for that?

Cza said...

Eliza taraaaaaaa! :D What?!?! No hot water?!?! magdadala ako. Hahaha! Tlagang yun lang ang concern ko e noh. :P Nice pics!

ALiNe said...

@r-yo- punta na :)

@olibear- Nice, enjoy kayo ni Aileen. dala kayo food ha.. heheh!

@Eliza- Punta na.. sa PDC kami kumontact...

@Cza- hahah! Cra. wala talagang hot shower e. Pero pwede kayo pumunta sa hotspring :D

witsandnuts said...

Wow! Ang saya. I saw Blogalog's post on Pinatubo Trek. Nakakaexcite i-try. =)

marlon said...

thanks aline! sana matuloy kami sa may 30, hehe

Marilou / Lucky Cow Shop said...

hi mukhang masaya dyan ah. buti ka pa nakakapasyal ka. ako never pa.

sana pag laki ng anak ko.

ALiNe said...

@witsandnuts- Oo nga e baka same day kami pumunta nun pero di kami nagkita :P

@Berryblitz- Hehe! Malapit na syang lumaki ...hee hee!

@Marlon- you're welcome enjoy mo yan at sana hindi maulan :)

escape said...

wow! great to know that you went there. it's really an awesome experience. right?

Dumb, Dumber and Darwin said...

hey, loving the redesigned site, especially the blogroll..hehe. keep posting and we'll keep reading

ALiNe said...

@the dong- Oh yes, it was a nice experience :)

@Darwin- Salamuch!

Dumb, Dumber and Darwin said...

pimped your site in my blog. read "what is the essence of blogging?"

Rico said...

That's just beautiful. Alam mo ever since we saw a feature on this a bout a year ago we wanted to go there. Galing nyo! Ngapala do you know Bley of Blogalag? She also did this.

Eben said...

awesome photos!!! informative post din! i hope makapunta ko diyan pag uwi ko ng pinas..

Angeli said...

wow. very nice..

ana6elle said...


Con-Con San said...

great pics! visited pinatubo as well, nakakapagod pero masaya, fulfilling :p

Sidney said...

Sounds like a fun adventure !
Hopefully I can go there in the future!

pehpot said...

ay ang ganda naman jan, gusto ko ng ganyan pero goodluck naman sa dami ng anak ko e malamang pag nirarayuma na ako tsaka pa lang ako makakarating jan :)

thanks for the greetings ha :)

Make or Break

ALiNe said...

@Rico- Go there :) I knew bley thru blog :)

@Eben- Salamat Eben, punta ka , nasan ka ba ...heehe

@Angeli- Thanks

@Oliver BSA- Konting lakad nalang ngayon so mas hindi tiring

@Sidney- Hope so :)

@Pehpot- hahaha! Nirarayuma ba. Ilan ba anak mo?

Dennis Villegas said...

Wow so beautiful! Thanks for tsking a lot of photos and sharing here. I've never been to the Pinatubo so this is quite a special post for me. You look very pretty!

ALiNe said...

@Dennis Villegas- Thanks for the compliment. Go to Pinatubo,its a nice place for photo op :)

caryn said...

winner! i've been to pinatubo, but never on a trek ;-) heehee. dito we have a vendo machine on top of mt. fuji. kinda disappointing, but after the long trek, i wasn't one to complain ;-)

ALiNe said...

@caryn- did you ride a chopper? how? :)
Astig talaga vendo on top of the mountain.. ayos yun :)

carlotta1924 said...

wow! ang dami pala ng mga tao diyan pag summer! since this month lang kami pumunta iilan lang ang mga grupong dumating... mga less than 10 ata. pero enjoy nga ang trip na ito hahaha :D

Great Adventure Pilipinas said...

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Anonymous said...

may cr ba dun, along the way? kasi trek kami dun on feb 12, it will be my first time...nice pix, btw.

ALiNe said...

ay walang cr dun, yung CR pag baba nyo na dun sa may massage area and shower area na. Also, some of my friends went there last week, they told me that the trek was longer , took them 1.5 hours ata. Enjoy!

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