Saturday, May 16, 2009

M Café

M Café is the Ayala museum café that offers asian fusion cuisine. Ambiance is classy; I like how it looks- high ceiling, glass panels, hip interiors with artistic sensibility. Service is great...

A complimentary appetizers were served while waiting for our orders. Crispy anchovies, shrimp crackling, spicy shoestring potatoes and pickled veggies.

Roasted honey duck rolls.P295- is served with prawn crackers. Skinless duck meat together with carrots, radish, cucumbers, and lettuce wrapped in tortilla, taste really good especially when dipped in its hoisin-lime sauce; served 4 small pieces though- a bit pricey.

Lamb kare-kare - Lamb cooked in peanut sauce, with cashew nuts with string beans,eggplant and bagoong dipping (fermented shrimp). The lamb was cooked slowly to its tenderness and blends with the peanut sauce well.

Whilst I'm not a big fan of sweet food, the imperial kung pao wok fried chicken was a lil bit sweet to me but my friends liked it. It was big enough for 3-4 pax.

Grilled Roasted Tandoori Spiced Chicken. P350.00. For me a pizza is not a pizza without cheese, this pizza had no cheese :( I'm not really sure if they forgot about it but NO CHEESE? WTH!
Well, I forgot to take down notes on prices- estimate cost per meal is P500-P600.

PS: Photo's were taken by my camera phone...

That's all!

Museum (M) Café
Ayala Museum, Greenbelt 4
Makati Ave. corner dela rosa St.


atto aryo said...

lamb kare-kare?!! sosyal!

escape said...

oh wow! i remember when we had the travel bloggers event there. we had a japanese special set.

this are as good as your post depicts!

Panaderos said...

Cheeseless pizza??? I haven't tried that. How was it?

Everything else looked very good though! :)

ALiNe said...

@r-yo- hahah! oo nga :)

@The dong- Masarap Japs nila? But in Thanks dodong ...heehee!

@Panaderos- It taste weird, I prefer with cheese better... Welcome back to blog world

cpsanti said...

i miss the old M cafe. when i used to work at the museum, they'd take phone orders and deliver. the staff was so sweet too ;-)

but love love the food at the new one. plus, you can score some museum souvenirs too ;-)

ALiNe said...

@cpsanti- You work in a museum?
Where if I may ask?

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