Sunday, April 5, 2009

Le Ching Tea House

Le ching Tea house has been around for ages, it offers quick, affordable and satisfying Chinese food. There are several branches here in Manila, but I usually stop by at their Greenhills branch - The place is just small, ambiance is simple and unassuming; service is fast and most importantly food is yummy.

Pork spareribs rice rule in this place. Juicy pork spareribs cooked in light tausi sauce on top of white rice served hot in stainless bowl, squeeze in a little lime plus the hot chili garlic oil = perfect filling delicious meal. They also offer other variety such as beef brisket rice , asado rice etc. for only P100-P120.

Dimsums such as siomai , hakao , shark fin, chicken feet are also availble here, cost around P70.
Since shirmp rice roll is out of stock that time, we opt for asado rice roll, it's ok but I like shirmp rice roll better...

Can't wait for my next green hills shopping spree plus le ching le ching!

That's All!
Le Ching Tea House
Level 1, Units 8-10
Shopesville Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center,
Ortigas Ave. San Juan City
Tel: 7263677


princess_dyanie said...

im such a loser! di pa ako nakakain sa GH! haha! :p

ALiNe said...

@Dyanie- Waaaaahhh! Dyanie... oh why oh why? dami masarap dun .. hee hee!

Unknown said...

hi, napadaan lang...

one of my fave Chinese resto... i usually drop by at their Banawe branch. :)

Anonymous said...

ung radish cake fav ko!! try mo ying ying tea house sa dasmarinas :) yum yum -jone

HalfCrazy said...

Haha, I like blogs like this, mga something new na kainan, gimikan, etc.!

I'm not a fan of Chinese food. I even don't dig siomai that much! But their siomai looks yummy!

HalfCrazy said...

Everytime pumupunta kaming Greenhills, laging Shakey's LOL.

Keith said...

Aline, salamat for your visit. "Ingredients for Life"? There is Safeway inthe Phils? I am preparing to visit the little archipelago south of the Phils (Indonesia) in June (they would say bulan Juni). A long time ago yoiu asked me if I was being thrown out of my aopartment. LOL. I am moving out thius week... Come by my site anytime. I love reports on Chinese food.

Sidney said...

Sounds and looks yummy !
I will remember that "ching house" and try it out when I spot one outlet !

Anonymous said...

Hindi kumpleto ang shopping at laboy sa GH without stopping by Le Ching. Kahit malayo, dinadayo ko yan. :-)

BlogusVox said...

I like chinese foods but never been to le ching yet. In my college days, I used to go to this chinese restaurant in ermita. Green dragon something is the name, I think. They serve superb beef mami and dimsums.

That's all. : )

pehpot said...

akala ko letseng tea house LOL masarap ba ang siomai nila? I should try it pag napadaan kame ghills.. yan ba ung resto sa may baba?

ay favor naman please read and vote my story :)

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Kodak Picturezzz said...

I never liked Greenhills.

Parking's so difficult.

But that's just me. A few of my friends still prefer to hang out here for food or coffee. Or do a lil bit of shopping. :)

I'm loving for your food photos. :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the spareribs toppings here!! :-) I remember me, aims, cza and other friends eating here waaay back in college. Now whenever me and Mike goes to GH for some shopping, we can't leave the place without eating at Le Ching :-)

ALiNe said...

@trx d- thanks for the visit

@Jone- uhhmmm... Di ko maciado gusto yung radish cake nila because of their hot sauce e

@halfcrazy- Whoa! I miss shakeys...hee hee!

@Keith- Nope there's none, I mean not the grocery shop, but we support Safeway here in Manila in terms of IT. Good that you are moving :)

@Sidney- Try it out sometimes :)

@Dyosa- kami din minsan dinadayo talaga!

@Pehpot- hahah! yun yung sa baba! Sige I'll read and vote

@Retro Manila- Ang hirap nga sobra ng parking, pero ok naman mag shop and eat :)

@Anne-Diba? ganun din kami.. sarap and mura pa :P

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