Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Everybody's Cafe - Exotic food finds

We had an adventure food trip up North in San Fernando, Pampanga; Everybody's Cafe is one of the most long lived and famous food places here and is "the home of authentic Kapampangan cuisine"
They serve "turo-turo" or carinderia style and offers smacked of down-home cooking and also those of classified as bizarre/ exotic foods.

I tasted an insect for the first time in my life; Camaro or deep fried mole cricket, it reminds me as one of the fear factor type of food, looks a bit gross but it tasted just like "ukoy" or fried small shrimps, was crunchy and tasty- Not bad at all.

Betute (stuffed frog) - Stuffed with ground pork and was deep fried, it was cute to look at or maybe not :p - according to them it taste like chicken with meatballs, uhmm I didn't really tried this one..

Frog legs - deep fried frog legs- I tasted it a little portion few times already, but I can’t seem to finish one leg since I'm really grossed out imagining the warts and the actual frog... but sure it tasted like chicken.

Sinigang na ulang - Ulang is a fresh water shrimp, it looks and taste like prawn only it has bigger head and rounder body plus it has claws.

Our table was filled with variety of goodies, not to mention their morcon -tender cuts of pork with marbled fat smothered with rich sauce made from oven drippings (picture is beside the ulang, the orangey one); the pork sisig which was sizzled with liver pate and their chicharon bulaklak or deep-fried pork intestines...

Price Range- P60-250/meal

My verdict: Everybody's cafe is worth a trip especially when you feel a little adventurous with your meal.

That's All!

Everybody's Cafe
opens: Everyday from: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Del Pilar, McArthur Highway
San Fernando, Pampanga
(045) 860-1121


witsandnuts said...

We had a Kapampangan culinary tour last year and this was our first stop. We had tablea and super yummy kakanins for breakfast. We didn't try the exotic ones though because we were headed to another feasting. =) I tried fried frog already from Exotik Restaurant from Laguna. It tasted like chicken.

Cza said...

Wow.. Frog!!! Tastes like chicken lang din di ba? :D Delicacy din ang cricket and frogs sa Nueva. Konti na lang malapit lapit na kayo sa amin! :D

Happy New Year Alien! ;D


Calv said...

i dont feel adventurous with my meal. if it doesn't look appealing i don't think i would've enjoyed it. :P

happy new year!

escape said...

cant find a good word to describe these food. hehehe... im not into exotic food they though somehow look good. specially the fried ones.

sheng said...

Fried frogs! I had that when my dad cooked for us, tastes like chicken...

princess_dyanie said...

naku normal na yan aline! taga pampanga ako kaya very normal ang frog! may dagang bukid pa nga eh haha!

Photo Cache said...

My kapangpangan mother raised me on batute and fried frog legs and I miss them so much. I wished you took a single bite on that batute, it's just like stuffed bangus, but frog.

Kayni said...

this place i'd like to try =)

Dennis Villegas said...

I love frogs fried or adobo! But I nevr had a taste of Kamaro yet. Cool post Aline! Happy New year!

philos said...

Haha... Sounds like an adventure alright. I've never been to Everybody's Cafe (or maybe I have but don't know it) but I've tasted Kamaro when I went to Pampanga before, and it was good! :)

ALiNe said...

@Witsandnuts- Try the exotic one next time you visit.. heehee!

@Cza- Fave ng mama ko yung frog, pero halos sya lang kumakain pag nagluluto ... malapit kayo sa pampanga?

@Calvin- Appealing naman e, pero the thought was still there...lol

@The Dong- Haha! try it on your next adventure :P

@Sheng- chicken indeed!

@Dyanie- ewwww.. Daga.. haha! kapangpangan ka pala.. mekeni!

@Photo cache- Maybe next time, i'll taste it... bangus ha :P

@Kayni- Try it when you're back :)

@Dennis V- Have you tried curried frog? they said it's also good.

@Philos- You finish a plate? ako siguro mga 5-10 pieces lang nakain ko.. heehee!

Lesley@lettuceshare said...

My fiance is from the South; he loves frog legs! I may actually get brave enough to try them one of these days.

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