Monday, March 2, 2009

CNT Lechon - Cebu

It was our 1st day in Cebu,
had an super early checked in at Shargri-la Mactan(6am),
and since we're lucky to have a driver for lunch (Thanks tito Jerry)...

Off we went to SM Cebu-- Nope, we were not there to shop but rather searching for the most raved about Cebu lechon. OK, fine we did a little shopping...

CNT lechon has a stall inside SM near their super market and a branch right across SM... hand in hand, we opt to cross the street.

The restaurant has a nipa hut setting:

Inside- it look like a big local eatery (carinderia); with wooden chairs and tables. Self service- so you have to queue up and pay as you order.

CNT offers Filipino varieties such as tinola and nilaga but their specialty is cebu lechon(roasted pig). Skin is crunchy, the pork meat is cooked to perfection... it is so good, tender, juicy and super tasty that you will not need to put sauce on it. 1/4kg is at P96 , I think (Feel free to correct if I'm wrong)

The taste itself will make you eat a whole pig... lol!
Definitely one of Cebu's best!

That's all!

CNT Lechon
1377 Rama Ave, Guadalupe, Cebu City
Phone: (6332) 254-4249
(6332) 254-6641


princess_dyanie said...

ay ang sarap nga jan! nung pumunta kami dati ng cebu, nag uwi ako ng kilos of lechon from cebu to manila so bale kasabay ko sya sa plane haha. pag uwi ng manila, di pa sira and ang saraaap pa rin! :P

princess_dyanie said...


akalain nyo yun! nakita nyo ko ni cza! nice meeting you and cza! nagulat ako haha ;) next time, let's eat ha ;)

Manong's said...

Nakapunta na rin ako sa CNT. Pero ang prob layo ng Cebu. Kaya dito na kami sa Manong's Tasty Lechon Cebu kasi taga Cebu din sila and offers Cebu lechon here in Metro Manila. Free delivery din sila.

We always order from them. Call them at 7032133 and try it yourself.

Marilou / Lucky Cow Shop said...

parang gusto kong maglaway!

ALiNe said...

@Princess Dyanie- Ang alam ko pwede mag padeliver dito sa manila ;) Nice meeting you too... heheh!

@Manongs- Ayos! interesting thanks for sharing

@BerryBlitz- haha! Go laway

Anonymous said...

love love cebu lechon! mmm! ;-)

ALiNe said...

@gandarynako- Ansarap noh??? nakakamiss... hayyyy

witsandnuts said...

I miss! Nung naassign ako sa Cebu for a month, naging suki ako ng CNT. We would always request for the skin. Haaay, nakakatakam. Sayang, walang lechon dito sa Abu Dhabi.

Hanna Salta said...


I'm from WVH Asia Inc., and we are currently reconstructing our website ( set on an august launch. may i ask for your permission to copy your photos of CnT Lechon? I'd appreciate a response via my email at Thanks!

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