Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wok Inn Restaurant

I was strolling with friends in Malate area in search for some antique goodies, when "good-food" memories of Wok Inn restaurant slides in; It was almost dinner time so I suggest that we eat there, not really sure if it offer the same quality.

Wok Inn is a small and old restaurant situated right beside Malate church, it offers "open kitchen" style dining; No menu is being offered, you go in front of the counter and choose the ingredient (meat/seafood/veggies) and ask them to cook the way you want it.

Stuffed squid- Squid stuffed with veggies (Spinach) - Their stuffed squid is one of the best tasting squid I've tried, the squid was cooked well, not gummy and the sauce is amazingly delicious.

These string beans with garlic looks a bit of over-cooked, but it taste good as well.

We also tried their fried dumplings and mixed vegetables and hot and sour soup- I'm not sure if it’s all about the MSG but so far everything I've tried here are incredibly tasty.

Well, service is not so good here, but food is served fast and hot, while the price is affordable, prolly cost P100-P200 /meal.

That's All!

Wok Inn Restaurant
471 Remedios St.,
Malate, Manila. Philippines
(63 2) 526-7744


Anonymous said...

na-order mo yung "sipa"? d best!! yummy. also branches in shaw blvd. kakagutom -jone

escape said...

itsurang lutong bahay kaya siguradong sarap ng mga ito.

ALiNe said...

@Jone- Yung Dumpling inorder namin pero halos pareho lang yun e...hahah!

@The dong- Masharap talaga!... Mmmmm

Cza said...

wow squiiiiiiiiiid! parang ang sarap nung gulay. kakamiss ang lutong bahay. :D

Unknown said...

anything with MSG is delicous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

anything with MSG is delicious........ isang taktak lng, masarap na. magic!!

princess_dyanie said...

i haven't been to malate! haha! :p

looks yummmy! ;)

mye said...

visiting you here... alam mo na hahahah!

Unknown said...

sana you've tried 'sipa' masarap and highly recommended.

ALiNe said...

@cza- Oo nga lutong bahay... minsan nagluluto ako :P

@Lime- cancerous naman :P

@Princess_dyanie- Seryoso???

@Mye- Sige ako din... hehehe!

@Jing- Oo nga daw e.. next time :P

RedLan said...

mas okay yan ha, siguradong bagong-bago ang food kasi iluluto pa

ALiNe said...

@redlan- Agree!

Anonymous said...

wheres the SIPA?

Anonymous said...

uy, you'll love the sipa! and the sauce. love this. i go here everytime i go home. comfort food talaga. and sooo affordable ;-)

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