Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yet another fare hike...

GEEESSSSSSSHHH!!! I have strong adverse and tremendous feeling about fare hike, I blame it to the gasoline prices rising daily.

Attention fellow Philippine commuters:

The fare increase will take effect tomorrow or this Friday.

Here’s the breakdown of the minimum fare:

  • Jeepney - from P8.00 to P8.50
  • Ordinary bus - from P9.00 to P10.00
  • Air-conditioned bus - from P11.50 to P12.50
  • Taxi - additional P10 to the fare (not added to flag down rate to reduce the cost of calibration for taxi owners

Source: Philippine daily Inquirer & Calvin

./edit 07102008

The transport fare increase that’s suppose to happen today or Friday is not going to take place all at the same time. Here’s the final transport fare increase and the schedule when it’s going to be implemented.

Friday (July 11)

  • Ordinary bus - P10
  • Air-conditioned - P12 (not P12.50)

Monday (July 14)

  • Jeepney - P8.50

For taxis, the 10 pesos additional will be implemented July 25 the earliest and as long as they have the notice sticker on their car.

Don’t get fooled. Save those few pesos.

That's All!


Oliboy's Adventures said...

non-stop na ang pagtaas ng lahat. gas. food. transpo.

bat buhay natin dpa rin tumataas? hahaha!

ALiNe said...

@olibear- Oo nga e! Grabe grabe pero baba naman daw yung tax namin ... I dunno! :( hayyyyy

Oman said...

si GMA na lang ang di tumataas.

Anonymous said...

merun pa hinde tumataas ang presyo ... fishball! 50 cents pa din isa .. heheheheh!

Anonymous said...

haaay.... i don't know even how to comment on that... talagang hindi na matigil ang pagtaas ng lahat lahat

ALiNe said...

@Lawstude- Ako din...hahah!

@Anonymous- Feeling ko malapit na ding tumaas yan... naiisip ko nung kabataan ko 10 cents lang ata ang isa nyan

@ifoundme- grabe noh? sana economy natin yung tumaas...hay!

Anonymous said...

true, di na nga ako nagdadala ng sasakyan eh :(

ALiNe said...

@chubaboy- Grabe noh! Kelangan na ng salary increase!!! ...hehe!

philos said...

We're all slowly dying... one peso at a time... sigh

ALiNe said...

@Philos- Honga! hayyyyyyy!

Anonymous said...

bakit hindi pa nila isagad sa isang daang piso bawat litro ng gasolina? Doon na rin naman ang punta nyan.

Inuunti, unti pa kasi tayo e.

ALiNe said...

@Taps- Baka daw kasi mabigla ang mga tao, "slowly but surely" ika nga

Albert said...

How I wish there are segways available there. hehehe!

ALiNe said...

@Albert- You wish! :P

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