Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Puerto Vallarta - Mexican Riviera 1st stop

After 3 days of sailing, we finally arrived at our first port stop - Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta  is a Mexican resort city situated on the Pacific Ocean's Bahía de Banderas.

We  walked along the Malecon  (sea walk), where we saw and enjoyed the sculptures, sea breeze along with other locals and tourist.

Here's a picture of me climbing the sculpture "In Search of Reason" by Guadalajara artist Sergio Bustamante, 

The famous Boy on a Seahorse sculpture (El Caballito)  is Puerto vallarta's symbol which was by Rafael Zamarripa and was in Malecon for more than 25 years.

Few more walks and we saw  Parish Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe

There were numbers of restaurant in the area but we can't decide where to grab some munch and then  we found  this.... A real Mexican Taco truck.

ordered these soft shell tacos, plus mexican coke..  Yummm!

A view of Puerto from the tail end of sapphire princess..

That's All!


carlotta1924 said...

nothing like cuisine in its native country. those tacos sure look good!

kg said...

wow! the food looks great! it's so nice to be in another place ano? i love looking at your pictures!

Alde Cruz said...

how i envy those who can travel...
haha.. kasya na lang ako d2 sa mga travel blog.

have more!

Biyaheng Pinoy said...

Now I'm craving for some burritos and quesadillas. Thanks for sharing.


wow! cool summer trip.

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