Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mazatlan - Mexican Riviera 2nd stop

Second cruise stop was Mazatlan. Mazatlan is one of Mexico's most alluring and inviting beach destination , it is know as 'Pearl of the pacific'.

We went to their public market in Old town and bought some Mexican items. In my case, bought  sombrero and a leather belt.

A few blocks  from the market, was Mazatlan Cathedral...

Near the cathedral  I saw a corn store... ate Mexican mixed corn -Chili + Margarine  + Mayonnaise + Corn...  A little bit gross and a little bit weird... smelly but  good.

We passed by this street...

and reached a nice place called playas alos altos
where we watch a man jump off the cliff, I think it's called Acapulco jump.

Back to the port I saw Senor frog statue and had a picture moment...

That's All!


Kayni said...

i also have a photo of senor cute.

aira said...

hi, ganda naman po jan saan po bang lugar yan tnx for sharing

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