Friday, January 8, 2010

Hidden Garden -Vigan, I locos Sur

 Before heading to Baluarte zoo, we stopped by Hidden garden for lunch and enjoyed the warm breeze of fresh air that whispered through trees.

Hidden garden offers family-style dining in a relaxing and comfortable setting.  It has a nicely landscaped garden with a native ambiance. Wide variety of tropical plants, flowers and trees plus red clay pots and antique finds can be seen here which are also for sale...

It offers delicious Filipino and Iloconano / Ilocandia dishes such as pinakbet, dinengdeng, vigan longganisa and bagnet. Maybe I was too hungry and forgot to take photos of other dishes but luckily took two of the most famous Vigan dishes.

Vigan Longganisa
-is a pinoy version of chorizo, unlike other longganisa, it is less sweet and is garlicky, it is best paired with sukang Iloko (Ilocos Vinegar)

Pork Bagnet
-is the Ilocano version of lechon kawali/ deep fried pork

Over all, Hidden Garden is a must try "eat" place in Vigan, affordable price,  good food, nice service and lovely ambiance... but you have to pay P10.00/head to use their comfort room.

That's All!

Hidden Garden / Lilong & Lilang Coffee Shop
Brgy. Bulala Centro, Vigan City, Philippines
(63)(77) 722-1450


carlotta1924 said...

ahh, my fave "putok-batok" foods! :D nag-crave ako tuloy for vigan longganisa! yummm!

Anonymous said...

with less an hour before midnight, i am craving for vigan longganisa and bagnet because of this post! =)

sheng said...

I have long wanted to pay Vigan a visit!

Panaderos said...

I haven't had the Pork Bagnet yet. It sure looks very good though and I hope to try it sometime. Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!

renin said...

Yummy longganisa... I haven't tried it yet, la kasing nagpapasalubong...

Anonymous said...

hoho! sarap naman!

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