Thursday, September 6, 2007

TonTon Thai Massage

If you want a good Thai massage, you have to try TonTon traditional massage. Aside from their well trained staff and affordable price, you can find the place almost everywhere.

I've only tried their Tagaytay and Makati branch, but I was satisfied with their service. The massage would cost around P250-300 for 60 minutes. The rhythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body is done on the floor with mattress. The place is small no wet floors, no locker room but is tolerable; rooms are divided only by curtains, so they’ll expect you to be quiet. Therapist will ask to change your clothes to pajamas before the bone cracking session

Why did I wrote this entry? Simply because I am feeling exhausted right now and, and I was thinking of going there again soon.

Click here for List of TonTon massage branches

That's All!


Saint Michel said...

try mo ace water spa.. dnala ko dun dati parents ko at parents nila .. cool

ALiNe said...

Ay... ayoko ng ace water spa.. ;p gusto ko kasi may hand movement :) but i haven't tried it though... next time siguro ...thanks!

Saint Michel said...

ako na bahala sa hands.. joke.. well lets say iba sya.. tho id recommend na may kasama ka dahil masaya sya pag ganon..

ALiNe said...

Uh-oh! Ayos! =)haha!

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