Thursday, September 13, 2007


Last night, I was struggling to be freed from migraine once again. Like before there seems to be no remedy but the so called quality sleep (more than 8 hours) and yeah I did throw (all the food I took for the day) and I hate the feeling.. ggrrrrr,

Worst is that I have to travel very weakly from office to home. Mic and Cat- So much thanks for the company, I really really appreciate it; Hugs for the two of you.

From wiki migraine is a neurological disease best known for severe headaches that are its most salient symptom.

A migraine trigger is any factor that, on exposure or withdrawal, leads to the development of an acute migraine headache. Triggers may be categorized as behavioral, environmental, infectious, dietary, chemical, or hormonal.

According to the National Library of Medicine's Medical Encyclopedia, Migraine attacks may be triggered by:

* Allergic reactions

* Bright lights, loud noises, and certain odors or perfumes

* Physical or emotional stress

* Changes in sleep patterns

* Smoking or exposure to smoke

* Skipping meals

* Alcohol or caffeine

* Menstrual cycle fluctuations, birth control pills

* Tension headaches

* Foods containing tyramine (red wine, aged cheese, smoked fish, chicken livers, figs, and some beans), monosodium glutamate (MSG), or nitrates (like bacon, hot dogs, and salami)

* Other foods such as chocolate, nuts, peanut butter, avocado, banana, citrus, onions, dairy products, and fermented or pickled food

Hwaaattt???? Those mouth watering food?? Sniff sniff sniff… anyway I have an appointment with neurologist on Monday.

That's All!


Saint Michel said...

d ba kaya ng dolfinal?

ALiNe said...

Nope di kaya ng dolfinal e...
Di kaya ng advil and mefenamic.
Dati may tinatake akong medicide avamigran kaso napull out sa market kasi daw may long tern side effect sa brain..

Cza said...

Naku... baka naman yan na yung long term side effect a. Balitaan mo ko about the visit sa Neurologist. Samahan pa kita if you like. I'm free on Monday.

ALiNe said...

Hahah... wag naman sana! Ang hirap netong migrane na to ...Grrr Monday morning sched ng doc pero 9-12nn. Sige pagusapan natin yan =) thanks!

Anonymous said...


i know how you feel migrane girl. hehehe!
i pop 3 excedrin pm (way better than advil) everytime i get the stupid thing. but i think yung sau malala talga. i felt so bad that day seeing/hearing you like that. damn those migraines!!!

anyway. its nice to be visible again on your page.
nice page.

see ya around aline


ALiNe said...

Haha! sinabi mo pa ang sarap isumpa noh.. Grrrr!

Anonymous said...

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