Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Sekitori means "sumo wrestler who is ranked in one of the top two professional divisions: makuuchi and juryo".... Ok, that explains why our order which was suppose to be good for 4-5, fed the 8 of us and with some little left over.

Aside from my starter(salmon sashimi) and sake,  we  just ordered for  Kimuchi cyanko broth shabu-shabu.

We were amazed when our order arrived...a mountain of different ingredients such as  raw  meat, seafood and veggies. It included squid and fishballs which were freshly made...


Here, you won't need to DIY the shabu-shabu; the waitress will  cook it in front of  you... 

Kimuchi cyanko broth/Shabu-shabu was a real winner,  the broth itself was flavorful with a pinch of spiciness  that lingers pleasantly inside your mouth and has the warmth of the soup which gives you a nice comfy feel....

Budget: P500 and up per head

That's All!
Sekitori Japanese Restaurant
Little Tokyo, Chino Roces Avenue,
Makati City. Manila, Philippines.

Phone number: (632)894 3876


kg said...

that's literally a mountain of ingredients! he he

escape said...

a good generous meal there! oh by the way send me an email at to get the details of the batad trip. i just finished the final itinerary.

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