Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mañana Mexican Cuisine Restaurants

If you are in Boracay and wants some Mexican twist go to Mañana, a hole in the wall restaurant in Station 1 fronting the superb white powdery sand/beach.

There is plenty of good food to choose from Taco
to quesadilla

and enchilada

... Their dish taste buttery but it's good mexican food.


Calvin said...

babalik ako ng boracay dahil nagenjoy ako kumain dyan sa manana. one of the best food i had while i was there.

Oman said...

hmmm, meron tyak burritos jan. will check out the place if ever mapadpad uli sa bora :)

Keith said...

everyone tells me to visit borocay....now i know where to have mexican food there when i go

Paulo said...

masarap nga dyan! :) thanks aline!

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