Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"6 x 4" meme

I'm answering another meme; tagged by Panaderos, I didn't bother to change the title at all ...

Anyway, here are the meme's rules:

Click copy/paste, type in your answers and tag four people in your lists! Don’t forget to change my answers to the questions with that of yours.

1. Four places I go to, over and over:

* Home- I just can't get enough =D
* Boracay- love to relax and unwind by the beach .
* Bangkok - Culture rich and of course shopping.
* Food places - Obviously I so lurve to eat.

2. Four people who e-mail me regularly:

* Colleagues
* Former high school and college classmates
* Headhunter
* People from facebook/friendster/blogger

3. Four of my favorite places to eat:

* Apartment 1b
* Circles
* Recipes
* Soms

4. Four places i’d rather be:

* In my bed sleeping
* In the mall
* In the coffee shop
* Beach!!!

5. Four TV shows I could watch over and over:

* Sex and the city
* Greys anatomy
* Desperate housewife
* Friends

6. Four people I think will respond:

* Pinoywebsurfer
* Bley
* Philos
* Oliboy


Oman said...

I also love bangkok and sadly of all the beaches in Pinas, i have never been to boracay. Nice info about you aline. Have a nice day.

princess_dyanie said...

Aline! Pareho tayo dun sa bed! Sleeping! Hahaha! :P

Anyway, may isa ka pang gagawin! I tagged you! Hahaha! :P

Anonymous said...

LOL. akalain mo nga namang nasa listahan ako. :-)

ALiNe said...

@lawstude- Hmmm mukhang napuntahan mo na lahat ng beaches e...lol

@Princess dyanie- gusto ko nga matulog na now e :( Thanks for the tagged,I'll prolly do it within this week or next:D next time yung blog ko tagged blog na ...lol!

@Dyosa- Oo naman ;)

Calv said...

buti na lang wala akong maisip na mai-post. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

hoy sama mo naman ako sa mga places na yan :)

ALiNe said...

@sureshot- Haha! Sige sasama ka ha.. baka mag bangkok kami ni dona

Panaderos said...

The best vacation for me is the one I spend at home. Talagang relaxing pag nasa bahay ka lang. I also love the beaches at Boracay. Truly beautiful.

Ano ang specialty ng Soms?

Thank you very much for doing the tag. Sorry at ngayon lang ako naka-comment. Thanks ulit. It was much appreciated. :)

philos said...


What's Apartment 1b anyway?

ALiNe said...

@Panaderos- No need to say sorry :D SOMS - Thai food carinderia here in Ph :D

@Philos- Aparment 1b - uHmmmm resto, search mo dito blog ko meron akong entry ... :D Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

aline, kelan bangkok?

ALiNe said...

@Sureshot- maybe next year na! May iba ako plan for this year e :D

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