Tuesday, March 4, 2008

La Grotta Cucina Italiana

I've been hearing a lot of raves about a place called la grotta. Finally! After our SPA session, we were able to try the "secret place".
The place is cozy, quiet and hearty Italian restaurant. It has a pretty extensive menu; waiter is knowledgeable... Indeed it is a very good place to build a little relationship and is a great date place

For starters: A free bread basket to dip in balsamic vinegar with olive oil and parmesan cheese. They also served it with liver spread and butter.

I'm actually in like with their minestra di spinachi zuppe. P190.
Imagine two of my favorite ingredients mushroom and spinach... yum yum. Writing now make me crave. Magnifico! oh, it can be shared.

Since this is Italian restaurant ordering a pizza is necessary (well for me).
Quattro Sapori pizza. P360. This is their version of four-cheese pizza, it is baked without tomatoes. Like other italian pizza it has a crunchy and chewy texture and of course the flavorful cheese ;-) .

Tagliatelle Terra Di Mare Al Pesto.P315.
Flat green pasta mixed w/ seafood, mushroom and pesto in white wine sauce.
Pesto lover will definitely love this.

Of course, we are satisfied with everything, from food to ambiance and it's service. As a result, Tere and I left happy happy with very heavy tummies plus some take out. BURP. Thanks Tere & again congrats to you and Aubrey.

La Grotta Cucina Italiana
G/F AETNA Building
V.A. Rufino Street (formerly Herrera Street),
Legaspi Village, Makati (beside Mini-Stop).
# +632 894 1320, +632 817 3306.

That's All!


Oliboy's Adventures said...

grabe you are definitely the ultimate foodie! looks yummy aline! :)

ALiNe said...

Oliboy- ultimate foodie ba? di naman maciado =) How was your surgery pala? feeling much better? read your blog but i'm comment less ..haha!

Oliboy's Adventures said...

aww! sweet of you to ask! thanks! i'm in a cast right now kaya i can't go around being a fellow foodie. cast comes off last week of march pa! sad but at least i'm healing na!

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