Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Golden Sunset

Sunset changes the sky into golden hues as the sun descends across the horizon - these words were part of our company's summer fun day invites.

As part of Safeway’s yearly summer event our outing this year was held yesterday (03/26/2007) at golden sunset in Brgy. Uno, Calatagan Batangas. Golden sunset is a resort owned by Ricky Reyes and is great way and according to their site is a world-class beach resort just two-and-a-half-hour drive south of Metro Manila. Located in the historic town of Calatagan, Batangas, it is fast becoming the destination for vacationers and beachgoers alike.

Our trip from Makati to the resort was quite long and tiring, but it all paid off at Golden sunset, the place is huge and nice, it offers a great resort and beach view. They have large salt water pools, jacuzzi (which open only to stay-in guest,), serendipity SPA (which I am very thankful because the 500 bucks I paid for the massage includes free use of shower room, and the massage is not bad after all …did I mention about the shower room?), butterfly sanctuary (which according to Christie, she only saw 1 butterfly.), there are fishing and boating areas, cottages and rooms looks good, food was ok (like last year, I don't get a chance to eat their AM snack, because they serve spaghetti and I don't eat spag), there is a good view of the beach but I think you have to be a swimmer before you can literally get down there.

Personally, I am very disappointed on their public shower area because there's no dressing room, no proper lighting, no place to hang your bags or clothes and no enough water. AND the restrooms were EWWW.. Dirty and no water.

Ah yes, our outing was enjoyable and fun. Too bad we haven’t seen the real golden sunset before taking off…

I'll be posting more picture in my multiply soon.

./edit: click here for pics
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